Jun 16, 2021 • 41M

On Leadership and the Future of Critical Social Justice

Issue # 27

Bright Morning ☕
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Trudeau raised 'importance' of Northern Ireland peace deal with Johnson:  High commissioner - National | Globalnews.ca

Welcome back to another issue of Bright Morning! This week, we are pleased to bring you our sixth long-form podcast. In this episode, we discuss, among other things, the continuing lockdowns in Canada (surprise!). Specifically, we break down the hypocrisy of G7 leaders, Justin Trudeau, and what the satirical leadership of these individuals says about our culture as a whole. Then, we move on to discuss some surprising cultural shifts, some of which might suggest that “wokeness,” or Critical Social Justice, is nearing its natural endpoint. 


We hope that you enjoy this conversation! Until next week, thank you for your time.