Welcome to Bright Morning News. We are a weekly newsletter that is designed to offer a recap of current events, culture, entertainment, and politics. We analyze these subjects from a conservative perspective.

We set out to create this newsletter because we believe there is an absence of principled conservative discourse in the culture. Additionally, we believe there is a misunderstanding of what principled conservatism is. It appears to be the case that conservatives are misrepresented as having a pessimistic outlook on the world. They are often presented as rigid, heartless, and unwilling to adapt to the changes in modern Western culture. It is our mission to help change this perspective. We want our readers to understand conservatism as a restraining impulse - a necessary and rational skepticism towards new and untested ideas. Therefore, it is our aim to offer necessary critiques of what we believe are illogical, contradictory, and illiberal ideas as they manifest in current events. In other words, we want to set up roadblocks for ideas before they rapidly accelerate into ideological dogmatism.

We believe in honesty and transparency, and so we want our readers to understand that we are approaching these subjects from a conservative perspective. We make no apologies for this, nor are we blind to the fact that we have our own biases. However, we are open minded; we welcome feedback from readers so that we can continuously improve upon the quality of our analyses.

At the same time, we want our readers to have fun. Although we are serious in our writing and our opinions are well-considered, we like to add sarcastic, satirical, and even provocative jokes throughout our work. After all, we are trying to dispel the myth that conservatives cannot have fun!

We hope that you find our work meaningful and that our newsletters do, in fact, contribute to a Bright Morning.

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