Apr 22, 2021 • 57M

Making Sense of Everything

Issue #20

Bright Morning ☕
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News, musings, and thought-provoking questions from the perspective you hear least often.
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Good morning, and welcome back to another issue of Bright Morning! This week, we are pleased to offer you another long-form podcast between your two hosts: Chris and Klayton. Listen now as we discuss a range of topics including the current state of lockdowns in Ontario (and the attitude of Canadians towards lockdowns), the failure of Canadian leadership, COVID-19 (mis)information and hysteria, and what we can do to depoliticize our lives. 

As well, we are thankful for your feedback in last week’s survey. We are pleased to announce that within the coming weeks, we will be launching more long-form podcasts, as well as opening up the comment sections on our articles. We believe this will be a great way to engage with our audience more directly. 

We really enjoyed this conversation and look forward to hearing your feedback. 

See you next week.