Who is Bright Morning?


Good morning, and welcome to the eleventh issue of Bright Morning! As promised, in lieu of an article this week, we bring you a long-form podcast discussion between the two co-founders of Bright Morning: Chris and Klayton. 

In this episode, we discuss how we developed Bright Morning, why we decided to take on this project, and the risks and rewards of putting our thoughts into words each week for a growing audience. We also discuss the accelerating creep of cancel culture, as well as some pragmatic, actionable steps that individuals can take as they learn to stand up for themselves in the face of ideological bullying. 

We close by making a plea with the audience. This week, we ask each audience member to please share this podcast with at least three other people. As we mention in the discussion, we face an uphill battle in our quest to build a larger audience. Our hope is that with your support, we can reach more people who will not only find value in the work that we do, but also some inspiration to seek out and engage in better conversations. As well, we are hoping that we can communicate with more people and even engage in challenged conversations with those who disagree with our perspectives. 

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